Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with Tasty Protein Pancakes!

Hello Everyday Warriors! 

Pancake Day is one of our favourite days of the year! 

We thought we'd share with you our protein pancake recipe as it's quick, easy to prepare and cook, as well as it containing simple, natural ingredients! 

You'll need:
🥚 2 eggs
🍌 1 banana
🥛 A dash of milk

1. Blend ingredients together.

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2. Heat a frying pan until very hot and add a few sprays of Fry Light.

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3. Add the pancake mix into the pan in small circles (or blobs!!). Each side will only need a short amount of time too so keep an eye on them (banana burns quite easily!)

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4. Place them into a stack, top with a dash of honey and some fresh berries🍓

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You could also top with Jim Jams or Peanut Butter for a sweet treat!

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Enjoy Everyday Warriors!


Love YANA| x

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