YANA's Inspirational Women!

Women are at the heart of the YANA brand. But not just any women, strong, independent, fierce and inspirational women. Warriors. That's who inspired the YANA™ brand, and continue to do so day in, day out.

For IWD 2023, we wanted to celebrate and thank the women in our community who have made a positive impact on YANA and have helped us to develop the business and brand over the years. In doing so, they've helped us to empower women across the UK.



We want to thank Ashleigh for representing our "Humility brand value the most - the kindest person we've genuinely ever met.
We love having you representing YANA
in London and are so proud of your fundraising efforts!

YANA Active 


We thank Donna for the opportunity to stock YANA in Fenwick. This was incredible support to us very early on and we are forever grateful to Donna for believing in YANA.

YANA Active. Fenwick



We thank Josie for representing YANA and so deeply sharing

our brand values - we love to have a Northern Superwoman representing YANA and collaborating on NE activities & events*!

*watch this space!

 YANA Active


We thank Marie for always capturing the essence of the YANA brand so perfectly through her incredible photography skills!

YANA Active


We thank Meg for taking a chance on YANA™ right at the start of our journey over three years ago, and her continued love and support to this day - we are so lucky to have you represent YANA



We thank Melanie for being our most loyal customer-turned Brand Ambassador. A truly inspirational business woman, PT and Mum all rolled into one!

YANA Active


We thank Sarah for her creative expertise when developing the YANA™ branding with us. Our Everyday Warriors LOVE the YANA branding and say it so perfectly portrays our brand ethos.

YANA Active. Sarah Tempest. Altogether Creative



We thank Tina for giving us the opportunity to have so many of our products tested and subsequently featured in Women's Running, this has helped us grow as a brand incredibly and we are forever grateful!

YANA Active. Tina Chantrey

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