Wellness isn’t just for January…

January, for many, is a fresh start. A new year often signifies new beginnings and the chance to set new habits. However, studies have shown around 80% of people give up their new year resolution by February.

At YANA™ we believe wellness and fitness aren’t January resolutions, but things to live by. Here’s our top tips for sustainable wellness and fitness all year round, not just in at the start of the year.


Show up even when you don’t feel like it

You won’t wake up feeling motivated every day, the days when you especially don’t are the most important days you should show up. Pull on your favourite gym kit, grab your headphones, play some music, and get moving. Trust us, once you’ve had your workout, you’ll feel so satisfied and great for doing it!

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Take time to enjoy the little things

The start of a new year can often feel hectic and like everyone is rearing to go! It’s great if you are, but if you’ve set yourself a new goal to improve your wellness and fitness, taking time out is just as important.


Ensure your nutrition is balanced

Life is about balance. A super strict diet is not sustainable for a long period of time, cutting out all your favourite foods and treats is a recipe for disaster. Think of everything in moderation, a few treats in a 7-day week of nutritious and healthy food won’t stop you achieving your goals!

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Results don’t happen overnight

Any goal you are working towards takes time to achieve. If you stay consistent, put the work in and stick to your goals, you’ll start to see improvements and changes over a longer period of time.


Most importantly of all, listen to your body. If you have an injury, rest. If you’re tired, sleep. If you’re hungry, your calorie intake may not be right so adjust it accordingly. Remember, wellness is a marathon, not a sprint. Daily actions form habits that will one day be second nature to you.


You've got this, Everyday Warrior!

Love, YANA x 

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