YANA™ Active: Top tips from the experts to achieve your health and fitness goals during a pandemic: Part 1

A new year often symbolises fresh starts, new goals, new hobbies, new intentions.

Traditionally, we tend to focus on eating healthier, drinking less alcohol and getting fitter at the start of a new year. Veganuary hit an all-time high at the start of 2021, with over 500,000 people pledging to go vegan for the month! But it’s not a normal year. Here we find ourselves in a third national lockdown in Britain and feeling a bit… deflated!

YANA asked some of our favourite qualified personal trainers, nutritionists and Yogi’s their top tips for staying active, healthy and rested during the UK’s third National lockdown. 

In part one, the focus is on Mindset and Planning.

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Take social media posts with a pinch of salt

We all know not to believe everything we read, but sometimes we forget this when it comes from an influencer with an army of followers!

Be kind to yourself

Happiness doesn’t come from being a certain weight or size, if you haven’t reached your goals yet, remember the longer it takes, the longer the results are likely to last. Studies show that quick weight loss doesn’t just impair our physical health, it isn’t sustainable.

- Ally Harrison

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Emotional rest

The television screen is responsible for a lot of the toll on our next much overloaded category of rest… emotional rest! Turn off the news reel! Whilst staying informed is of course important, it is easy to slip into a reel of building anxiety when watching the news or scrolling Facebook posts, when the facts of the information can likely be gleaned in a 2-3 minute read.

Emotional rest is also greatly supported by being surrounded by supported and positive people - engage with them mindfully, and make sure you take your turn as the listener too!

- Yoga Therapies

Yoga Therapies 


Plan and Prepare: I know that boredom eating can become a big issue when you’re stuck at home with greater access to more food, often leading you to overeat.

With that in mind, my top tip for staying healthy during lockdown is to plan and prepare your food. By making your food in advance, you are taking away the stress and the need for a quick fix lunch that is lacking in any sort of nutrition.

Removing the need to cook during the middle of the day also gives you more time to enjoy your food and eat it mindfully. It also gives you more control over your food, you’ve planned out and prepared your food for most the day, all that’s left to do is eat it.

I’m not saying get up at the crack of day to prepare yourself a gourmet lunch, but maybe try making extra at dinner time for lunch the next day. You could also set aside some nutritious snacks to keep you going between meals, so you know what you’re going to be eating rather than just grabbing whatever is in sight.

- EllenTurnbull - Athletes Cookbook

YANA Active


As the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin goes: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

It seems that planning is key to helping you achieve your goals but having awareness of external factors around you, such as social media and the news, can really impact your mindset and motivation. Why not try to incorporate those helpful tips into your at home routine and see if they help you to stay motivated!

Join us in Part Two of ‘Top tips from the experts to achieve your health and fitness goals during a pandemic’ which focuses on training, nutrition and accountability.

 Love, YANA x


With thanks to:

Ally Harrison – @ah_sportnutrition – SENr Accredited Nutritionist, BSc, MSc, UKAD advisor – NHS key worker

Yoga Therapies - @yogatherapieslife - Yoga Therapies provides a dedicated yoga space for yogis across the North East – ‘A Centre to Recentre.’

Ellen Turnbull - Athletes Cookbook @athletes_cookbook, SENr Accredited Nutritionist, BSc, MSc


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